The current state of the economy has changed drastically in the past decade – the UK is under a quick succession of political and economic events that no one can foresee. Changes in foreign policies, investments and new markets are shifting the way we spend our money.

Transportation and vehicles is one of those markets where investing has changed; in the last decade, buying a brand-new car was something everyone wanted to do. However, the younger generation is looking forward towards using public transportation, diminishing the number of cars in the country, and spending their money on other products.

If you don’t agree with this mentality and currently seeking a car but are lacking the capital to buy a brand new one, then there’s an alternative that’s often overlooked.

Buying Used Cars.

You don’t have to spend money on a brand-new vehicle, no one will judge about it. You can buy a mint condition used car for a fraction of the original price and still find an excellent deal.

Because of the debacle in the automotive market, buying used cars of prestigious brands like Audi, BMW, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz is a possibility.

Imagine driving a used Mercedes Benz in excellent condition – no one will care if it’s used, everyone, including you, will love it, and it will be on a lower price than new cars of inferior quality brands.

Let’s discuss the ins and outs of these deals.

Advantages of buying a Used Car

  • There’s a huge fleet of used cars in the UK, estimated around seven million per year. You can find any car you’re looking for in given time.
  • From luxury to economic class brands available.
  • Lower Prices due to depreciation.
  • If buying from a certified dealer, the car conditions are guaranteed and specified before the purchase, so no hidden flaws afterwards.
  • Dealers offer test drives just like brand new cars.

Disadvantages of buying a Used Car

  • Might take a while to find the perfect deal
  • Even if the state of the car is nearly new or well kept, it is still used
  • Car accessories and other specifications are bound to what you find.
  • No warranty or customer protection if bought in a private deal.

It is evident that the advantages far outweigh all existing concerns on buying a used car. Don’t hesitate next time someone critiques your decision of buying one, especially if you’re looking for luxury brands like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Chrysler and Audi.

Where to buy a used Car?

The best option is to acquire one from a certified dealer. This way you are protected by signing a contract and guaranteed to receive what you paid for. Dealers go through an extensive search of used cars and only offer those that will sell quickly, so you’ll find cars in excellent conditions.

Some dealerships are specialized in selling a particular brand of used cars. In the UK, there are several dealers of used Mercedes Benz that guarantee top condition vehicles at lower prices.

Of course, you could always look for a private deal, however, be aware of scammers and hidden flaws. Consider paying a 3rd party mechanic to check the engine of the vehicle before agreeing on the deal.

The current state of Used Cars

Over seven million used car deals are closed every year in the UK and with the advent of new fuel technologies, the fleet of used cars continues to grow. Dealers are offering used cars in better conditions than in the past decades and with better prices.

If you currently don’t have a car or you’re looking for an upgrade, consider taking a look at the used cars market before making your decision. You might be surprised to find used cars in perfect state of prestigious brands at never seen before prices.