Accidents are unavoidable if you are on the road; even pedestrians are not safe as anything can happen at any time. Most people do not know this but even as a pedestrian the law has provided them with an array of rights which protects their interests. Since people are not well versed with these rights, they often end up foregoing these rights simply by assuming that they will have no case in the court of law.

What people have to understand is that legislation in Bakersfield and every other state have explicitly laid down rights that are allotted to pedestrians. The law operates under the garb of fairness, so how can it be fair that a pedestrian has to deal with an accident where they are completely innocent.

Pedestrians who get into accidents have to pay exorbitant medical bills, deal with mental trauma and possibly miss work due to their injuries. This lost of income plus all medical bills can be claimed in the court of law, however people will have to seek the services of pedestrian accident lawyers in Bakersfield.

Since it is not every day that people find themselves in a pedestrian accident, they often do not approach the situation in an effective manner and end up losing control over the case.  This is exactly why we have created a list of steps people should consider if they find themselves in a pedestrian accident. These steps are as follows,

1. Immediately Move To Safety

Nothing is more important than your safety and others surrounding you, so the first and most important step is to get out of the way of danger and make sure everyone is alright. Call an ambulance if necessary and sit tight, your safety is the number one priority.

2. Write Down the Drivers Number Plate

The next step is to immediately write down the driver’s number plate, this number plate is the only way you can track the driver if they hit and run.  Rest assured there are still many different ways the culprit can be apprehended but getting the number plate will save you from a substantial amount of trouble.

3. Record the Drivers Information

If the driver has not fled then you are in luck as their cooperation will help your case by a huge margin. Request that the driver provides you with their name, insurance policy number, registration number and personal contact details.

4. Call the Police

Once you have gathered all of the required evidence, please call the police as you will need to file a police report in order to effectively file a case in the court of law.

5. Contact an Attorney

The last step of this process is contacting one of the pedestrian accident lawyers in Bakersfield, as only these professionals can effectively represent you in court and win you the damages that you deserve.