Going into another new place for a family function, for a business trip or just for fun becomes a real hassle when you don’t have the perfect medium of commute. This world is full of fascinating places, monuments and old memories which most of the people desire to visit and see the beauties with their naked eye.

There are few places in the world that are extremely dangerous to visit because they are filled with goons and dangerous criminals. They keep an eye on those people who are new to that specific place and are not aware about the correct address of that place. This becomes a real problem for the tourists and travelers who do not know whom to trust and they even do not have any family person over there.

The other problem which arise while visiting the famous places in the world like Dubai is that tourist are not aware of the basic fare and charges to travel from one place to another. Most of the transporters consider this as an advantage and they keep on charging high amount from those new and naïve tourists.

Dubai is a famous place for travelling as it is known for its beautiful places like Jumairah beach where the sand speaks a different heart touching story. Another most renowned place is Burj khalifa which is famous for its outstanding architecture. For shopaholic people Dubai mall is the best place to visit because it has all the amazing brands and products. Dubai mall also serves as the entrance for Burj khalifa. In the month of January and February you can find do a lot of shopping at Dubai shopping festival. Dubai Museum is also an attractive place for most of the tourists.

You can find multiple transportation mediums over there. For example you can hire a cab, can go from one place to another from Metro Bus, if you like to travel on sea shore then you can have a ride on Water bus and even flying drone cars are also introduced in Dubai as a travelling medium.

Due to the growing population of Dubai there is a lot of heavy traffic jams in Dubai. These days Dubai has become the most crowded city in the Middle East. On average, professionals have to spend around 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel from one place to another.

Keeping yourself up-to-date to everyday news is really healthy for living a secure life. Few days back, I was watching a news channel and suddenly I saw a bulletin report that was extremely saddening for me and I believe for the rest of the world too. There were few tourists that were abducted while they were travelling in a local cab. Obviously they were kidnapped for ransom or may be the people who kidnapped them have taken all their money and costly items and have left them somewhere. The Question that strike my mind immediately was that, is it safe to travel into a new place? As my family was planning to spend their summer vacations in Dubai and yes it was a new place for them!!!

Most of the people think that traveling in Dubai alone for women is not safe. Some common myths of travelling for woman in Dubai are; you have to wear hijab, veil or burka while stepping outside, you cannot drive a car, people will harass you and you cannot walk alone.

Usually, woman’s are considered to live inside the houses, they are not allowed to work and they can only perform the role of a mother, sister or a housewife. Now, things have changed and you can do whatever you want even in Dubai and there is no gender biasness anymore.

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