Found with the analysis from the uniqueness from the vehicle residing environment, the requirements of the actual automotive existence, but there’s an unavoidable premise: secure driving. Based on experts, 80 % of visitors accidents may be the inability to concentrate caused. Traditional routing software within the development from the navigation job requires the consumer to manually choose the navigation placement, not just cumbersome actions, and not really user-friendly procedure and dispersed towards the attention associated with motorists to help reduce the visitors safety whenever driving.

Intelligent routing service launched through the car sound network utilizing voice acknowledgement technology allows the consumer to prevent tedious guide input, in support of need a vital connected towards the cloud system, to say the requirement to navigate the actual destination system depends on visitors information as well as related information analysis, planning optimum routes to make sure smooth generating. Natural vocabulary recognition can change the car’s current man-machine info exchange, the liberation from the driver’s fingers and eye, making the vehicle with the actual charm from the more gentle, to enhance driving security.

It is actually understood how the voice routing service vehicle audio system has protected the nation’s 362 prefecture-level area and 2862 from or over the region level admin units, integration in excess of 16 million sights information, with the place information as high as 87% proper recognition price, as nicely as Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, English along with other non-specific talk recognition technologies, car sound network to supply users with increased precise vocabulary control routing services, completely meet person needs, allowing users to savor through the actual voice as intelligent items bring protection services.

At the same time, the brand new upgraded version from the car sound and internet official website along with the intellectual generating wizard the brand new software customer, but additionally this display is formally unveiled the actual launch of the upgraded edition of client-side, along with speech acknowledgement, call connections, and organic language routing, car sound network with regard to owners from the user, particularly provides the real-time visitors information, vehicle inspection along with other occupants tend to be closely associated with intimate support, so how the owners from the user in order to bypass the actual traffic jam portion of experience sleek driving atmosphere, fast location. Main items: car DVD AND BLU-RAY player as well as car dvd and blu-ray, are with top quality. In add-on to vehicle life more potent, and the actual client’s revise also additional the share information queries, the motorcyclists Taiwan, personalized sound information and info services, the owners of the friend’s vehicle life much more colorful.

Using the acceleration from the trends within the automotive industry towards the direction associated with intelligent car owner assistance techniques and automobile information, the software of talk recognition technology in neuro-scientific vehicle networking has turned into a booster vehicle networking smart development. Car sound and internet natural vocabulary navigation is just the main vehicle social networking applications, but there isn’t any doubt which their organic speech acknowledgement technology in neuro-scientific intelligent transport door has already been open, the next phase will function as the rapid development from the road entered the, then, the actual intelligent vehicles into much more people’s life.