If you own a car and you drive it regularly, you will know when something does not feel right. Whether it has to do with the sound of the engine, delayed gear shifts, the way the car drives or anything else, you should visit a trusted mechanic immediately after you notice something is not quite right. While small things such as a South Edmonton oil change can be done by the owner, you will require the help of a mechanic for more complicated things such as engine or transmission repair.

Problems That Might Require Transmission Repair

Like all other types of machines, a car inevitably develops different problems with continued use. Some of these problems are caused by faulty parts or accidents, while other issues are as a result of normal wear and tear. All car problems should be taken seriously and fixed by a qualified mechanic.

Leaking Pinkish Fluid – If you are noticing pinkish oil beneath your car every morning, it is time to check the transmission fluid. Low fluid indicates a leak that might lead to several problems if not addressed immediately.

Slipping Transmission – This happens when the engine revs but the wheels do not respond. Transmission slipping can be caused by several transmission problems and should definitely be checked out immediately.

Shaking or Bucking – When you try speeding up on the highway and your vehicle seems to shake, you are probably experiencing some type of engine or transmission problem. Even if this only happens once in a while, you should have it checked by a mechanic. If they realize it is a transmission problem, they can refer you to a transmission repair specialist.

Burning Smell – If your transmission is overheating, the fluid might be leaking out and dripping on the hot exhaust. Besides leaking being a problem, the hot liquid coming into contact with the hot exhaust could cause an engine fire.

Finding a Reliable Transmission Repair Specialist

Once you are sure that your car has a transmission problem, you should have it fixed by a specialist right away. There are many mechanics out there offering transmission maintenance and repair, but not all can be trusted. It is important to find a qualified mechanic to have the job done correctly.

Ask For Referrals – If you have friends, family or neighbours who have dealt with transmission problems in the past, ask where they took their vehicle for repairs. They will let you know how they felt about the mechanic, the shop, the repairs and the cost. You can get referrals from your regular mechanic, as well.

Check The Local Consumer Organization – Your local consumer organization allows people to post complaints about local mechanics. Read the complaints with a discerning mind, but if there are a lot, and they seem genuine, you probably should avoid that mechanic.

Choose an Experienced and Licensed Mechanic – Ask how long the mechanic you are considering for a South Edmonton oil change, transmission or engine repair has been in this business and choose those with several years of experience. You should also ensure that the mechanic is licensed.