If it were possible, everyone would wish that their vehicle maintained that initial glamorous appearance and performance capabilities it had when driving out of the showroom upon purchase. Unfortunately, this never happens, as the vehicle is bound to get involved in accidents, acquire scratches and even experience wear and tear. When this happens, you need to take your vehicle to auto body repair experts who will help to restore it.

Collision Repair Experts in Vancouver

If you are in Vancouver, you will find established auto repair shops that have the equipment and expertise to restore high-end vehicles to their initial appearance and functionality. These centres have highly qualified mechanics and other technicians who are renowned for providing the best auto body repair in Vancouver. Furthermore, these centres also have an ICBC insurance accredited team, which can help you to follow up on your ICBC insurance claims after an accident. Some of the car restoration services they offer include:

  1. Bodywork

Ideally, most classic cars require very extensive bodywork for them to be fully restored to their original condition. For instance, your vehicle may require scratch repair, rust treatment, dent removal, and other forms of repair to the exterior. Note that some of these repairs can be quite tricky and in case they are not done correctly, they could result in more damage. Fortunately, the auto body repair experts at these shops have all the necessary skills and tools to handle such repairs.

  1. Engine Repair

The best way to fully restore your car is to ensure that its performance matches its appearance. In most cases, the engine may need to be dismantled, cleaned and all the defective parts repaired or replaced with new ones. You can count on these experts to present you with a fully functional engine that will give you long-term service.

  1. Paintwork

Restoring your vehicle’s paint can help to preserve its original appearance, as well as its resale value. Note that proper paintwork is a very important aspect of your vehicle’s overall aesthetics and such work should only be handled by experienced car paint professionals. Luckily, these shops have the expertise, products and equipment to ensure that you get an excellent paint job.

  1. Interior Restorations

If you have a dirty vehicle interior that needs thorough cleaning, these experts can provide you with topnotch interior cleaning and detailing services in order to restore it to its original appearance. On the other hand, if the interior is dilapidated, they can simply replace the interior parts.

  1. Moldings and Trim

Ideally, the true quality of a car restoration project is usually in the details. And in case you want your vehicle to look and feel original, you will need to track down the original trim and molding parts. Fortunately, these experts can replace or restore the badges, door handles, fenders, as well as headlamp surrounds, hence providing you with the final cosmetic touches you have always wanted.

The best thing about these experts is that they are always committed to providing quality workmanship, while emphasizing honesty and integrity. Furthermore, they have specialized in handling different vehicle makes and models and all their services are accompanied by excellent customer service. Whether you need help with pursuing your ICBC insurance claims or auto body repair in Vancouver, these centres can help.