Whether your drive for business, pleasure, or both, you know accidents can take place at any time.

That said there are means for you to lessen the odds of being the next accident statistic.

One of the most important factors in play is the condition of your vehicle.

Whether you have a new car or truck or an older vehicle, you need one that has as many safety features on it as possible.

So, is your vehicle one that you trust to keep you out of accidents more times than not?

Simple Safety Features Make a Difference

In reviewing your vehicle for the safety features it does or does not have, take a look at the following:

  1. Tires and brakes – Although you may not think of tires or brakes as safety features, both are key. Make sure your tires are always at the proper inflation levels. They also need a sizable amount of tread on them at all times. As the treads gets whittled down over time, your tires can’t do the job. With your brakes, have them checked on a regular basis so they are still operating at full efficiency. When the brakes get too worn down, there’s always the chance they will not stop your vehicle when needed. If you rear-end someone as a result, you could get fined and also see your auto insurance rates go up.
  2. Backup camera systems – Though not yet required the devices are a great safety feature. By installing a backup camera system, you and your vehicle will prove a safer team together. That backup camera system works to alert you to any objects moving or stationery. As such, you are much less likely to get into an accident when backing up. If your vehicle doesn’t have such a device, see about having one installed for you.
  3. Lane-changing warning systems – It can be rather easy for a driver to drift into another lane. Whether lost attention or tired, it takes a spilt-second of drifting for an accident. If you have an opportunity to get a vehicle with a lane-changing alert system, consider it. Even when paying a little more for such a vehicle, the money spent will be well worth it.

Know When It is Time for a New Vehicle

Many drivers end up deciding to hold onto their vehicles for as long as possible.

Among advantages of keeping an auto for years, lower registration and insurance costs. There is also the enjoyment of not having a monthly car payment for years at a time.

That said don’t keep your vehicle to the point where it becomes a safety hazard out on the road.

Not only would you be at risk if that was the case, but you’d put countless others at risk too.

When you start to see the signs of needing a new vehicle, shop around.

So, ask yourself if your vehicle is the safest way these days to get around.