Are you looking for the best and most comfortable ride this 2017? Well, try to visit Honda Powersports for they offer the best and most cost-friendly motorcycles which will match your taste and desire. As we all know, most of the riders today are looking for comfort in riding motorcycles. Many prefer those with smaller engines and dimensions which look cooler and tidier than others. Listed below are some of the best Honda motorcycles this year. They’re the top choices of many, and they’ll surely going to be your ultimate list too.

  1. 2017 Honda Rebel 300/500

Introducing the Honda’s mini-cruiser for rookie riders, the Rebel 250 which was produced in the year 1985. They don’t usually remake its lineup models, but this year, Honda has finally decided to remake the Rebel. They describe these bikes as “minimalist”, but for the buyers, they are cleaner and cooler although more expensive than its base price which is $4, 399. The engineers of Honda built a leaning angle which could compete with other standard bikes. Now, it has a modest 300 with a 286cc of single cylinder engine and also a 500 which uses a stronger 471cc parallel twin costing $1, 600 more.

  1. 2017 Honda CBR500R

The CBR500R which has the base price of $6, 500 is the Honda’s middleweight sport bike which is one of those unusual bikes with a broad appeal. It is a great ride for the novice riders and also for those seasoned enthusiasts who appreciate its low price, solid handling and nimble size.  The twin parallel of 471cc is torque and smooth and easy to rev. It also has a very compliant and comfortable suspension, whether in the canyons or around town. The CBR500R is definitely much better than the last model.

  1. 2017 Honda CRF50F

The Honda CRF50F has a price of $1, 449 and is known as “the quintessential mini bike”. It is Honda’s off-road longest-running model and the novice rider’s choice all over the world. For years, Honda has offered off-road bikes which have the size of a staircase. This has served as an efficient and suitable ride for the novice riders because of its strong four-stroke 49cc engine, a gearbox which is three-speed, an automatic clutch with an inverted fork.

  1. 2017 Honda CBR300R

The Honda CBR300R which has a price of $4, 499 has new color options. Its development has two avenues: more torque and power and stronger CBR than the previous one.  It has an engine which is liquid-cooled of 286cc, originally 249cc.  It also has an upgrade which gives an advantage of increasing torque, power and vibration. Compared to others, it is more compact, more manageable and lighter which is good for both experienced and new riders.

These are just some of the best Honda motorcycles this 2017. If you want to know more about these rides, try to visit their website or visit a local Honda powersports dealer, like Freedom Powersports. You can definitely grab the best models and finally ride the motorcycle of your dreams.