Are you looking for a cheap and best car insurance plan? Read on to know the top 5 secret tips to find cheap car insurance.

 Today, cars have become an integral part of our daily life. For many of us, daily car journeys are a necessity, and we simply can’t imagine our life without our own car. But when it comes to the care and maintenance of our cars, most of us try to overlook the needs. We try our best to save more and more, and get going without spending much. Car insurance is one such area where try our best to save the maximum, and sometimes we even compromise with the need of a good car insurance plan.

If you are planning to buy car insurance online or through offline mode, we have something interesting for you. Here, we list top 5 secret tips to find cheap car insurance without compromising at any step. Read on to know the best ideas to cheap car insurance.

Look for Online Quotes

First and foremost, you should take the help of internet to find the best car insurance quotes, which can be made available within few seconds. All you need to do is visit any car insurance comparison website or access their mobile application and fill in your details as per the requirement. And then, the online platform will search the most suitable car insurance plan for you. You can compare their features and premium costs as well. You may even get additional discounts if you decide to buy car insurance online through one such platform.

Know your Car’s IDV

 As per the rules, the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car plays a major role in deciding the premium amount of your car insurance plan. More the IDV more is the premium costs. And hence, it’s you who has to decide the minimum IDV for your car. If you have an old car, which isn’t really worth the suggested IDV by the insurance company or website, ask them to lower the IDV and hence, the premium would also decrease. However, we would never advice to set IDV below the minimum suggested level.

Don’t wait till the last minute

 Getting a car insurance renewed after the due date will cost a lot of extra charges, inspection costs and fine, added with the final premium cost. You may end up in paying more than required if your car’s existing premium policy is failed. Hence, it is always advisable to get your existing car insurance renewed on time without any failure.

Be a loyal customer

 Loyalty always pays benefits! Several car insurance companies offer additional discounts and freebies exclusively to their loyal customers. While looking for cheap car insurance quotes and plans, do check out what your car’s existing insurer has to offer. Make a call to your insurance agent and ask him/her what extra you can get being a loyal and returning customer for the company, You may get an exclusive and exciting deal on your car insurance needs.

Look for Bundled Plans

 Bundle your car insurance policy with other types of insurance policies like homeowners’ insurance, personal life or accidental insurance, and/or you may also two cars under one car insurance package policy plan. This would bring down the premium costs, and you would be getting an additional coverage by paying less. Most of the car insurance companies offer additional discounts when you choose add-ons with your car insurance policy. Ask your insurance agent for all the deals available with your car’s insurance plan.

Do you have an amazing tip to be added on our list? Share your thoughts, comments and suggestions in the section below. Happy & Safe Driving!