Car maintenance is one of the most important and therefore also one of the most difficult tasks that come with owning a car. Preventative maintenance is probably the single most important thing a car owner can do to keep their car happy as well as to save money on future repair costs. Within the industry, there are often conflicting opinions on what should do and how often you should do it. This post is offering tips to guide first-time car owners on how to maintain their car to prevent bigger more expensive repairs in the future.

Owner’s Manual

The first step in preventative car maintenance is to familiarise yourself with the owner’s manual that comes with your car. In the owner’s manual, you’ll find everything you need to know about the workings of the car. You’ll find information about the service schedule, where to find oils, how often to change fluids and so much more.


In order to avoid problems in the future you should be checking your battery often. Although, with all the steps forward in technology we have been taking over the years batteries are now more advanced than ever and as such do not necessarily require as much maintenance as they use to. That being said, you should always make sure that you know where your battery is and how to identify a leak or how to replace the water. Newer cars are fitted with an indicator that flashes or beeps to indicate its status.

Scheduled Maintenance

It is important to keep your scheduled maintenance; your car has been well researched and tested before being sold to you and if those people tell you how often you should be servicing your car if you want it to run as it was intended to then you should follow that guide. If you cannot afford to take your car to a mechanic as often as you should you should speak to your mechanic and arrange an alternative schedule that ensures anything that needs attention gets it.


Your engine’s air filters need to be replaced according to the instructions in your owner’s manual, the car manufactures base this recommendation on the mileage of the car. The frequency of the air filter change depends of the tyre of driver you are and where you will be driving. To save money you can get replacement filters and follow the replacement instruction in your owner’s manual.


Every driver should know that their tyres are the most important part of their car, not only is its efficient performance the difference between life and death, its efficiency also impacts other aspects of the car like it’s steering and braking. To prevent problems in the future, check for cuts and bulges on the sidewall of all four tyres, check the tyre pressure and the tread depth and not forgetting to check your spare tyre(s) as well. If you any issues with your tyres you should consider looking for budget tyres online.