Whether you are riding a bike or driving a car, but the winter weather always gives you a tough time, especially when it comes to road-grip and handling aspects. As you know, tires play a lead role in it. Every tire kind has its specialty. There is no such thing as all-terrain motorcycle tires. Similarly, the new Discoverer True North tires can give some relaxation while driving during cold weather.

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has introduced new tires named as the new Cooper Discoverer True North tires. Undoubtedly, the company wants to capture the tire market via its new product. They have presented it at the SEMA show (Specialty Equipment Market Association) organized at Las Vegas. It will be at the Cooper’s booth showcase until November 3rd.

The company claims that these new tires would not just give you a better road-grip, but it can also handle the winter weather way better than usual tires. Be it snow, mud or cold winter roads, but the Discoverer True North can turn the terrains into smooth highways. The superior performance offered by it ensures a maximum control on the vehicle as well as your comfort.

The secret of its enhanced performance lies in its constituents. These tires have a pliable treat compound as one of the elements. Now, this compound stays flexible even in the cold temperature. A certification from Cooper Weather-Master attests its legitimacy. The Cooper’s Director Scott Jamieson has also appreciated it.

Soon, it would be available in online as well as offline stores. Initially, it will come for SUVs. We may its versions for small cars and even motorcycles. Till then, you can try other tires for those vehicles from stores. At online store BikeBandit.com, you would not just find tires but Motocross parts as well.