You expect a notice of Renew Vehicle Registration arriving by mail or email. If you have not received a notice, contact Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV your state) and ask about renewal requirements for your statement, including fees and renewal formulas and presentation options such as presentation in person or by mail or phone or online submission.

  • Select a submission method. If your labels are a few days of expiration and your online renewal status offers an option to print a temporary record, select the online submission method.
  • Provide the required information requested by your state to renew registration. Typical information include your current address and vehicle number plate, title number, VIN, year and make, type and odometer read, along with information regarding current vehicle insurance.
  • Complete the application for authorization and pay all related fees. Print a temporary record if you selected the online submission option. Wait for the new registration credentials and car tags to be decal (s) or license plate (s) to arrive by mail.
  • Replace the old plate with the new one. If on one or more new Stickers, remove the old decal with a blade scraper from the display location required by your state, such as license plate or windscreen, Peel off paper protector of the new decal and fix in place of the old one. If you are dealing with one or more new plates, unscrew the old license plate of your car and screw on the new one.

Renewal of Vehicle Registration 

The registration of cars and light commercial vehicles is staggered during the year and the expiry date may correspond to different days of the month. Heavy-duty vehicle license plates expire on the last day of the month. Pro rata registration of commercial vehicles shall be staggered and shall expire on the last day of the month. The registration of off-road vehicles expires on 31 December. Seasonal plates are only valid from April 1st to October 31st. All other registrations expire on 31 March.

Transit code 

This temporary license is used to transfer a non-registered vehicle from one location to another and is valid for 24 hours. It is also issued for the transfer to a verification station of a vehicle whose inspection sticker has expired. The applicant must provide proof of insurance each time he drives the motor vehicle.


A passenger car owned by a visitor may be operated for personal, non-commercial use for a period of six months in the state without being registered in the province. This six-month period is determined from the date the private car was driven in the state. A person who becomes a resident of concerned must have his / her vehicle registered with Service New state immediately.