Should you buy a new car or a used car?

To answer this question very simply and quickly, it is best for a young driver to choose used cars for sale. Indeed, the purchase of a new car represents a very significant expense with a significant discount, about 15% per year. This means that if you resell your car after 3 years to buy a more suitable model (a more powerful model or larger), your car will have lost almost half of its value even if it is in perfect condition. .

Choosing a new car can nevertheless be an interesting choice if you plan to keep your car for a long time and have a large budget. There are now many ways on the Internet to help you make your choice: videos with automotive tests, car comparator etc.

It should also be noted that it is generally cheaper to insure a used car than a new car.

Where to buy your used car?

The first reflex when looking for a model of opportunity “cheap” is to turn to classified sites like “vivastreet”, “topannonces” or “leboncoin”. You will find many vehicles at all rates. The flip side is that you will have no guarantee in case of any problem on the vehicle.


Beware, for example, of a price that is too attractive (below the argus coast), a recently repainted painting (to hide the traces of an accident), a maintenance booklet that does not is not up to date (history is not complete), mileage too low, or modified vehicles (both aesthetically and mechanically).

Overall, if you choose to buy a vehicle from an individual, always try to be accompanied by a mechanic (a knowledgeable amateur or, better, a professional). You will also find ads from professionals, usually mechanics. The advantage of these ads is that the vehicles are guaranteed, for example for 3 or 6 months. Finally, be aware that manufacturers often put on the market of employees vehicles with often few kilometers and discounts up to -30%.

Which car model to choose?

The first point to take into account to choose your future car and define a global budget including the purchase price, but also the registration fees (about 100 to 150 Euros depending on the power) the purchase and installation of the registration plate but also the recurring costs: insurance, fuel, technical control (once every two years beyond the first control), maintenance, tolls, repairs.

This is a lot of expense and it is rather advisable to choose a recent opportunity, equipped with modern security elements (at least 2 airbags and ABS). No need to choose a vehicle too powerful that will be difficult (and expensive!) To ensure for a young driver.

You can therefore opt for a Renault Clio, a Peugeot 206 or 207, a Citroën C1 or C3 or a Volkswagen Polo. Finally, note that the price of registration is halved for a car over 10 years.

Choose your car insurance

Once elected your chosen heart, it will have to ensure it to have the right to take the wheel on board. As recommended in the previous paragraph, avoid too powerful vehicles (over 75 horses) that will generally be difficult to ensure for a novice driver. Good news for those who have done the driving accompanied: the premium related to your car insurance contract will be lower than for a driver with little experience of the road.

Concretely, do not hesitate to check insurers because some offer special offers for young drivers .

To limit the cost of insurance, it is recommended to insure third rather than all risks. What does that mean? To have the right to use your vehicle, a driver must take out a minimum insurance: the civil liability guarantee. This guarantee (also called “third party insurance”) allows in the event of a responsible accident to cover the costs related to material and bodily injury inflicted on one or more other persons.