There are many reasons to visit the Adana City in Turkey: the culture, the kebab but most of all, the peaceful urban environment. Adana international airport is a best reflection of the calm lifestyle of the city. Only 500,000 passengers per year visit the international terminal of airport so the amount of traffic is very little. Actually, it is a rare phenomena to view more than one gate open. Although the traffic amount is fairly little, the capacity of the airport is over two million.

Rental cars at the Adana airport

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Getting around the airport

The primary place that you will visit after landing is the arrival hall. The immigration lines are little and most of the times  just have people from your aircraft. If you have passport which needs a visit to be optioned on arrival you will have to obtain the visa from the visa office which is placed just before the immigration officers. Immigration officers and most of the people of city to speak English however it is not an issue immigration officers know the basic English sentences and terms. When getting a visa you will have to pay fee which all depends on the country that you live in.  Favor to the local Turkish embassy for more information. Please note that they only accept Dollars, Euros and definitely Turkish liars as forms of Payment for the Visa.

Getting around the city

The airport is placed roughly three miles from the heart of the city so getting there and back by rental car would not be an issue. After checking in you will have to go through security and emigration. Once passing you will be in the departure room. The full departure of the international terminal is exactly one big room. There are no restaurants so if you known that you will get hungry eat before go to the airport or just wait till food is served on the plane.

All flights will dish up food – even on the thirty minute flight to Cyprus, Ercan will be serving food. There will be on little souvenir shop to shop to buy last minute gifts but it is little so it is advised to buy everything while you are in Adana